LED Displays at Fuel Stations

Animation provided by WFP Design

LED displays at fuel stations allow distributors to advertise their own products (fuels, retails), but also external brands. So those displays provide a different shopping atmosphere, create customer awareness, uprise the brand, and last but not least - can create additional income.


Beside the commercial aspect, it is also possible to show the weather, news, tutorials, gimmicks, animations and much more. That depends on the distributor, not the hardware.


One way of an installation could be the horizontal installation at top of fuels stations, as shown in the above link. Other forms, like stand, are also possible.


Since reliability is crucial to such "emotional" technology, our proposal is made with highest quality LED displays from Alfalite (Spain). Why - because the design and production is all in one hand - and all is MADE in SPAIN. 


With the upcoming Outdoor LED P4 system, any user will gain leadership with the unprecedented quality.

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