Wanted: Sales partners for LED Displays (Made in Spain)

For high-quality LED displays (Made-in-Spain) we search on behalf of our client for interested rental companies, event organizers or end-user. 


The displays are characterized by their high longevity (guaranteed 100,000 hours), quality (up to 9000 nits, up to 4800Hz), and a very good price. 


This is achieved by putting the entire value chain (development, production, distribution, service) in one hand in Spain, and not from Asia. 


This ensures a recurring and high quality, reliable arrangements, punctual deliveries, and fast service.


Displays are available: 


  • From P10 to P2 
  • For permanent or temporary installation 
  • For indoor or outdoor use 
  • As wall, stand, floor type 
  • Brand new is e.g. the use as "in-the-corner". 


References are u.a. in shopping malls, concerts, festivals, TV shows, stadiums and public viewings, fairs, hotels, discos or restaurants. 


We are happy to receive your kind inquiries.


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